GLDN making Big Moves, has a Run Begun?

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We hope you’ve had a chance to start researching today’s scorching hot alert Gold Dynamics (GLDN) as they’ve already started making a Big Move, forcing the question… has the run begun? GLDN was up huge yesterday showing its potential volatility at these levels, couple that with the news released after yesterday’s close and we could be in for a Monster Day, so let’s get right to it:

We Are Sending A Strong Announcement Out To All Of Our Subscribers:
Tonight’s New Alert is Gold Dynamics Corp. (OTCQB: GLDN)

GLDN released MAJOR NEWS after yesterday’s close, further validating company assets and accentuating the Company’s immense potential! This has not been traded on yet, so we could be in for a Big Day:

Gold Dynamics Site Visit on Hoyle North Gold Property

Gold Dynamics stand head and shoulders above other junior mining companies due to their assets and their stage of production. Very rarely do we come across such a cheap gold play that already has exploration on multiple properties well underway:

With hundreds of MLNs of dollars worth of gold on their properties the upside here is HUGE!
GLDN has the potential to add revenue to the Company very rapidly by re-opening some of the abandoned mines at the Santiago Property. This innovative approach enables the Company to start generating revenues much faster and obtain more capital for growing the business.
The Company has an interest in 3 properties which all look very impressive and have the potential to generate massive revenues for GLDN in the future.
GLDN is currently at just .029! At these levels even a slight move could mean large % gains!
GLDN has an outstanding share count of just over 103 MLN and a market valuation of only $2.23 MLN! With such a low outstanding total there could be large moves in their future… and if there are adjustment for valuation as the company proves itself, these moves could be gigantic!

GLDN stock chart

Barchart’s opinion at the moment is impressive, having them as a “B U Y” due to MANY green short and medium indicators, including:

Short Term Indicators

7 Day Average Directional Indicator: GREEN

10 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: GREEN

20 Day Moving Average vs Price: GREEN

20 Day Bollinger Bands: GREEN

Medium Term Indicators

40 Day Commodity Channel Index: GREEN

50 Day Moving Average vs Price: GREEN

50 Day Parabolic Time/Price: GREEN

GLDN is an emerging precious metals explorer focused on underexplored regions of the world. The Company has brought together a highly experienced board and management team consisting of skilled professionals with significant development and mine management experience.

GLDN seeks to identify, acquire and develop deposits which have the potential to be world class and in an acceptable risk environment… they currently have three VERY attractive such properties at various stages of acquisition and development:

The Hoyle North Property: located in the prolific Timmins gold mining camp. The property consists of 32 claim units representing approximately 12 sq/km. The area is world renowned as a heavily mineralized area with many active mines where as much as 85 MLN ounces of gold have been mined historically! The property is contiguous to Goldcorp’s Hoyle Pond mine!

The Santiago Gold Property: The Company entered into a letter of understanding regarding the option, purchase and operation of located in the state of Durango in Mexico. The Santiago Gold Property covers 315.6 hectares and is situated in the mountain range Sierra San Francisco. The property holds abandoned historic mines and many smaller prospects… re-opening abandoned mines, and adding a small processing plant to process the mine dumps with newer technologies can often be a valuable means of obtaining revenue quickly.

The gold grades on the Santiago Gold Property are locally very high; some of the ore shoots may yield over 50 g/t gold as indicated from sampling! The rough estimate of extractable gold resources in known ore shoots from the Bella Vista vein is 57,609 oz. of gold.

At a very conservative average future gold price of $1500 (less than the currently price) per ounce the estimated cash value of the extractable gold resources is potentially over $86 MLN!

The Lake Ste-Anne Property: GLDN recently announced that they have entered an agreement to acquire the Lake Ste-Anne Property and have already received the NI 43-101 independent technical report. The Southern Gold Zone on this property which is 2 to 3 meters thick and extends for 500 meters has shown average ore grades of 4.69 g/t Au and 62.96 g/t Ag. It is estimated that the Southern Gold Zone still contains historical resources of 22,821 oz. of gold and 347,086 oz. of silver.

This represents a cash value of over $36.25 MLN in gold and over $9.8 MLN in silver.

These assets are massive! A lot of junior mining companies pound their chest, bragging about the loads of potential gold they may have on their land… but this company is proving it… and seem to be well underway with their mining efforts!

Gold prices have been very volatile as of lately with extreme moves in both directions. Movements that normally take months are happening in a single day! Currently, gold has slid off its high, which has created the perfect opportunity to look at a gold play that REALLY stands out right now… start researching GLDN immediately, and get ready for what could be another great day:

Company website:


We urge members to take Swift Action and start your research on GLDN right away! This could be an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity!

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