Daily Penny Stock Tips CCWF

Trade Alert Reason #1

Church Crawford, Inc. (CCWF) modestly describes its target market as in essence four billion people globally, or everyone on Earth who ever has to navigate an automated call center to talk to a human.

Their mobile phone app turns the listen to all the options menu into an actual series of screens that users can click throughand watch third-party advertisements while theyre on hold!

So CCWF turns whats normally a huge cost sink for its corporate clients dealing with customer calls into a revenue driver, and then gets a split of the cash! (Read more)

Gartner Research says theres $3 BILLION in advertising dollars chasing mobile customers, and that big spend is doubling every 12 months. (Read more)

And since just routing the calls faster saves the companies vast labor costs, CCWF clients get to cut their overhead 60% maybe an average of $50 million a year apiece! (Read more)

With a proposition like that on the table, is it any wonder big companies rushing to sign upor that traders have been fighting to get CCWF shares ahead of everyone else on the market?

Trade Alert Reason #2

In just the last month, CCWF got a big bank in India to roll out its ad-driven customer support system. (Read more)

Thats 2.5 MILLION customers generating maybe $250,000 a year in revenue for the bankand earning CCWF $1 for every one who downloads the app!

Right now, CCWF has a market cap of well under $10 million soaking wet, so you can see how this deal can really turn its crank even if only 5% to 10% of those Indian customers download. (Read more)

CCWF did the math and that converting just that sliver of the global call center market to its software will generate in the region of $1.8 BILLION a year! (Read more)

Throw in advertising and CCWF modestly thinks it can pull in another $5 BILLION a yearwhats the P/E on that?

And with Africa and other huge markets opening up for CCWF, those estimates may actually be too low! (Read more)

Chart Analysis:

CCWF is now back on the 20- and 50-day trendswhere its found plenty of support for the last 2 weeks!

RSI just nudged up above the center line, which should signal the whole market theat CCWF has momentum on its side.

MACD is likewise right on the edge of both crossing above zero and signal. Could CCWF be primed to break out?

Price action has consolidated enormously in the last few daysanother sign of that a potential breakout could be on the horizon.

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