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Be careful with penny stock alerts online


Online Sale and Purchase of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are positioned on Pink Sheets or OTCBB and these are traded for less than $5 per stock. These stocks have small value per stock and hence, it is feasible for the investors to attain a lot of shares by investing only hundreds of dollars. It means that your account will be filled with the microcap stocks in a large number; but the total investment will be lesser. These stocks can be the best investments only if there are proper ways done for researching the most prospective stocks.

Penny Stocks are easily manipulated and have high volatility. This is the main reason for people to dislike these investments. However, there are many named companies which began with penny stocks and have reached to higher levels with time. There are thousands of stocks included in the list of risky stocks and some of them are actually doing well with time. Penny stock trading in a safe way can be possible only with deep research for these stocks. It is important for traders to look for the most promising stocks among the list of highly risky stocks.

Penny stock trading

Penny stocks are traded thinly and penny stocks are traded everyday in the whole world with the millions of dollars. There is not much legitimate information about these stocks available online and these can be traded safely with high manipulations. Online stock trading is popular among people as it gives facility to sell, buy and trade at their own comfort. Penny stocks are available online with discounted prices. The price is low as compared to other stocks and the pennies can be purchased in a large number. In real time, pennies can be purchased from online stockbrokers and the process is quite easy.

Before making investment, you need to make sure that you thoroughly go through the history of the stocks. It can be tough to find out the quality of information of the stocks and find the legitimate sources to get your information from the good resources. The research goes with the stock coming from pink sheets and your own data collection is required as the forums or alerts are not going to give you the ultimate solution. You should manage the money well by trading the right stocks for making appropriate money.

Penny Stock Frauds

Penny Stocks are most prone to frauds and internet is the best media for scammers to target the innocent audience. Fraud is common among these types of stocks as they are not listed on major stock exchanges. Spammers send thousands of newsletters everyday and about 15% of the emails leave some impact on the people. The people who invest in these stocks mostly lose their money within a few days and the ones getting some inspiration from them tend to find the other stocks to invest their bucks.

There are many websites allowing you to purchase penny stocks and you can check their fee structure online. You’ll be able to open up the trading account with the online stock brokers and see the reliability of their services after dealing with them. It is good to visit various discussion boards, forums, bulletins and other websites to research about these stocks before purchasing them. There is an option to choose for the various stock alerts to subscribe for getting the latest information in the market. People make trading on the stock market every day.

4 Important Tips to make your Online Trading Successful:

  • Knowledge is the key for stock trading classes and you need to educate yourself with all the basic terminologies used in stock market to begin your trading sessions. It is very important to understand the meaning and way of the terms involved in trading, so as to get wholesome information about the stocks in detail.
  • Researching & Learning about penny stocks by extensively browsing the web is the way to rise in stock market for a successful market trading experience. There is higher success rate of the market trading with the deepest research on stocks.
  • Online Account is the way to deal with stocks and purchase them online. It is important and you need to set up your account by familiarizing with the navigation techniques to buy and sell stocks online.
  • Invest in trading software is also liked by many people to make large money online. The earnings can increase substantially with the sophisticated software recognizing the market trends. There are some expert software apps managed by the experts in penny stocks to recognize the trends in the market. It will alert you to make appropriate purchases and give the key to make money with stock trading online.

Online penny stock trading is the easy and most convenient way to explore the world of micro cap stocks and fulfill your dreams with online buying/selling of these stocks.

BCDH Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc.

Tonight we will be looking at a company that has been causing quite a stir recently. Not only have we been seeing volume spikes and intraday moves that daytraders have come to love, but the rumors surrounding it continue to grow. Tonight and tomorrow, this company will be the subject of many promotions. As you know, we always try to get in BEFORE the others, but like we said earlier, Mondays roster could be big enough to provide us with a great way to start off the week.

Mondays attention-grabbing play is:

BCDH Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc.

Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc. (BCDH) closed at $0.058 last Friday. BCDH came to our attention after an unusual increase in volume and growing buzz. This increased activity combined with major developments from the company could combine to be the perfect recipe to jump-start our week!

BCDH is a holding company that is focused on the merger and acquisition of companies operating in high-growth niche markets. BCDH plans to leverage its management resources and status as a public entity to assist acquired companies to achieve and/or grow.

Black Castle Developments acquires properties that are in a non performing note stage, as a result of continuous nonpayment. BCDH will acquire and evaluate the property to reverse the distressed property into a lucrative one. BCDH is capitalizing on an estimated $1T dollar loan market.

You can begin your BCDH research on their website.

This is an extremely lucrative business plan when you consider the number of companies and properties being foreclosed on these days.

On February 15th, the company released press which announced that BCDH has signed a letter of intent to acquire A-Shine, Inc. A-Shine develops, manufactures and distributes a state-of-the-art glass polisher that automates the typical manual process of polishing glass, saving time and money for tens of thousands of restaurants worldwide. This breakthrough product targets the over 900K food service restaurants in the U.S., and more than 8.3M worldwide and will be a huge addition to BCDHs portfolio. Weve included part of the press release below.

Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc. Completes Acquisition of
A-Shine Inc. and Enters Over $600B Dining and Hospitality Industry

Feb. 15, 2012 Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc., a holding company targeting the acquisition of undervalued, niche companies, announced today that it has completed its strategic acquisition of A-Shine, a pioneer in glass polishing technology for the global restaurant and hospitality industry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The restaurant industry is the nations second largest private sector employer. For 2012, industry sales are expected to reach a record high of $632B, a 3.5 percent increase over 2011, according to the National Restaurant Association. Jeff Holroyd, CEO and president of BCDH stated, We are delighted to close this transaction and enter an industry that is growing above the national economy. A-Shine offers technology advances that enable restaurants, hotels, fine dining establishments and others in the hospitality industry to drive costs. This acquisition provides the potential for substantial top- and bottom-line growth as we bring A-Shines product innovation to large and profitable markets.

Aaron Rogers, the CEO of A-Shine Inc., said, I am delighted to become part of the BCDH family

You can read the full press release here.

BCDH also issued an exciting press in early January announcing that the acquisition of bizM3 is in progress, and should be completed shortly. bizM3 is a leading mobile marketing technology company that provides solutions and tools for businesses to enhance their advertising campaigns and deployment strategies.

bizM3s digital signage technology is being rolled out to existing television in high traffic restaurants, sports bars, hotels and other hospitality locations. bizM3s patented, back-end content management system allows multi-channel marketing campaigns to be planned and launched in just minutes. Businesses can deliver timely notices containing mobile coupons, special offers, rewards, text-2-win announcements or links to mobile websites to engage, entice and retain consumers. BizM3 gathers the market intelligence, consumer buying profiles and analytics needed to make each campaign successful and generate the highest ROI for its customers.

According to The International Telecommunication Union, in 2010, the number of mobile subscriptions reached 5.3B worldwide. In the U.S., 302.9M subscribers, or 96% of all Americans, are mobile users.

BCDH - Hot Penny Stock

GLDN making Big Moves, has a Run Begun?

Good Morning All Penny Stock Wizards,

We hope you’ve had a chance to start researching today’s scorching hot alert Gold Dynamics (GLDN) as they’ve already started making a Big Move, forcing the question… has the run begun? GLDN was up huge yesterday showing its potential volatility at these levels, couple that with the news released after yesterday’s close and we could be in for a Monster Day, so let’s get right to it:

We Are Sending A Strong Announcement Out To All Of Our Subscribers:
Tonight’s New Alert is Gold Dynamics Corp. (OTCQB: GLDN)

GLDN released MAJOR NEWS after yesterday’s close, further validating company assets and accentuating the Company’s immense potential! This has not been traded on yet, so we could be in for a Big Day:

Gold Dynamics Site Visit on Hoyle North Gold Property

Gold Dynamics stand head and shoulders above other junior mining companies due to their assets and their stage of production. Very rarely do we come across such a cheap gold play that already has exploration on multiple properties well underway:

With hundreds of MLNs of dollars worth of gold on their properties the upside here is HUGE!
GLDN has the potential to add revenue to the Company very rapidly by re-opening some of the abandoned mines at the Santiago Property. This innovative approach enables the Company to start generating revenues much faster and obtain more capital for growing the business.
The Company has an interest in 3 properties which all look very impressive and have the potential to generate massive revenues for GLDN in the future.
GLDN is currently at just .029! At these levels even a slight move could mean large % gains!
GLDN has an outstanding share count of just over 103 MLN and a market valuation of only $2.23 MLN! With such a low outstanding total there could be large moves in their future… and if there are adjustment for valuation as the company proves itself, these moves could be gigantic!

GLDN stock chart

Barchart’s opinion at the moment is impressive, having them as a “B U Y” due to MANY green short and medium indicators, including:

Short Term Indicators

7 Day Average Directional Indicator: GREEN

10 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: GREEN

20 Day Moving Average vs Price: GREEN

20 Day Bollinger Bands: GREEN

Medium Term Indicators

40 Day Commodity Channel Index: GREEN

50 Day Moving Average vs Price: GREEN

50 Day Parabolic Time/Price: GREEN

GLDN is an emerging precious metals explorer focused on underexplored regions of the world. The Company has brought together a highly experienced board and management team consisting of skilled professionals with significant development and mine management experience.

GLDN seeks to identify, acquire and develop deposits which have the potential to be world class and in an acceptable risk environment… they currently have three VERY attractive such properties at various stages of acquisition and development:

The Hoyle North Property: located in the prolific Timmins gold mining camp. The property consists of 32 claim units representing approximately 12 sq/km. The area is world renowned as a heavily mineralized area with many active mines where as much as 85 MLN ounces of gold have been mined historically! The property is contiguous to Goldcorp’s Hoyle Pond mine!

The Santiago Gold Property: The Company entered into a letter of understanding regarding the option, purchase and operation of located in the state of Durango in Mexico. The Santiago Gold Property covers 315.6 hectares and is situated in the mountain range Sierra San Francisco. The property holds abandoned historic mines and many smaller prospects… re-opening abandoned mines, and adding a small processing plant to process the mine dumps with newer technologies can often be a valuable means of obtaining revenue quickly.

The gold grades on the Santiago Gold Property are locally very high; some of the ore shoots may yield over 50 g/t gold as indicated from sampling! The rough estimate of extractable gold resources in known ore shoots from the Bella Vista vein is 57,609 oz. of gold.

At a very conservative average future gold price of $1500 (less than the currently price) per ounce the estimated cash value of the extractable gold resources is potentially over $86 MLN!

The Lake Ste-Anne Property: GLDN recently announced that they have entered an agreement to acquire the Lake Ste-Anne Property and have already received the NI 43-101 independent technical report. The Southern Gold Zone on this property which is 2 to 3 meters thick and extends for 500 meters has shown average ore grades of 4.69 g/t Au and 62.96 g/t Ag. It is estimated that the Southern Gold Zone still contains historical resources of 22,821 oz. of gold and 347,086 oz. of silver.

This represents a cash value of over $36.25 MLN in gold and over $9.8 MLN in silver.

These assets are massive! A lot of junior mining companies pound their chest, bragging about the loads of potential gold they may have on their land… but this company is proving it… and seem to be well underway with their mining efforts!

Gold prices have been very volatile as of lately with extreme moves in both directions. Movements that normally take months are happening in a single day! Currently, gold has slid off its high, which has created the perfect opportunity to look at a gold play that REALLY stands out right now… start researching GLDN immediately, and get ready for what could be another great day:

Company website:


We urge members to take Swift Action and start your research on GLDN right away! This could be an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity!

APRE | Penny Stock Wizard

APRE Aperature Health, Inc.

On January 15 of this year, Aperture Health (formerly flexSCAN, Inc) announced that it had completed the acquisition of Triad Therapeutics, a homecare infusion therapy and nursing provider in New Jersey serving the tri-state area. As a result, Triad has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Aperture Health, Inc., and will remain as the operating company for the combined business.

Please begin your research at

In case youre wondering, APRE is trading at 30 cents per share.

Triad provides specialized home healthcare services to patients requiring intravenous therapy including antibiotics, pain management, hydration, immunoglobulins, steroids, total nutritional solutions, and IV catheter insertions and maintenance. The Company provides a complete solution to patients including
IV Therapy, Supplies, and Equipment
Antibiotic Therapy
Total Parental Nutrition
Total Enteral Nutrition
Hydration Solutions
Pain Management
Human Growth Hormone

Triad is a fully JCAHO accredited home IV therapy company, achieving this gold standard status in 2007. The company has built a well respected reputation in its industry for its therapy expertise and commitment to care for its patient clients. The company services clients throughout the states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, providing opportunity for organic growth.

All patient clients accepted to Triads service have been preapproved for care by the clients health insurance provider. Triad maintains numerous managed care service provider contracts, many of which are part of closed networks, thus provide strong barriers to entry in the industry.

According to, APRE has just 26,212,954 shares outstanding and a float 5,212,928 as of December 23, 2011. These numbers seem relatively low for stocks trading around 30 cents, so we wont be surprised if APRE experiences above average volatility this week.

Make sure youre watching APRE tomorrow ! Later on well give you an idea of how big of industry APRE is operating in.

APGS is now more than a Jersey face

Hello Trader!

Apps Genius Corp. (APGS) burst onto the radar a few months ago.

Something about their media-friendly social apps business struck our trading bone.

APGS makes the Snookie phone game you might have seen on Conan OBrien. (See the video.)

And the Internet is now crawling with over 17 MILLION references to this APGS product.

With marketing like that, its a good bet APGS can sell a lot of these games to rabid Jersey Shore fans.

Maybe those fans have tetanus. Hard to tell under all that fake tan!

But theyve got money to spend on toys, and APGS is the company thats selling to them.

What really got my juices flowing on APGS was the hidden potential in its chart.

The overall trend points down, sure. Thats because APGS keeps gobbling up competitors and paying in stocks.

Dilution is a factor for long-term investors. You and me, though, were in it for the one-day trade.

When APGS sets up right, its proved it can spike 40% to 50% in a matter of minutes.

February was the most recent string of those big swings.

Thats when APGS was soaring from $0.10 to $0.50 in a four-day run that made us dizzy.

Its true, APGS price action has calmed down a little since.

Some would see that as an opportunity a long base for APGS shares to make their next leap!

After all, this stock has shown us all that it can soar when it wants to.

And its picked up a loyal cult following in the process!

How else do you explain the 500% spike in weekly turnover APGS has printed in just the last month?

Volume has doubled in just the last week!

Meanwhile,APGS keeps growing its business into new areas like social games and microfinancing.

These are the hottest things online. For social gaming, think $6 BILLION behemoth Zynga.

For microfinancing, read up on Kickstarter and its $300 MILLION a year for other start-up projects.

APGS has been merging-n-acquiring with companies in both sectors.

If you loved this stock as the online presence of the Jersey Shore diva, its still got all the Snookie you can shake.

But if you were a Snookie hater, theres a lot more here now.

Either way, its hard for any other ticker to match that 400% rally we saw a few months back.

If APGS is back on the move like that again, can you live with yourself if you miss it?

APGS stock

GEAR is My Friday Special Today!

Good morning!

Little-known Gear International Inc. (GEAR) once fell into the category of deep value playuntil the latest development hit Wall Street!

The company controls a little gold stock you mightve heard ofWestern Sierra Mining Corp.

And for shareholders of record, theyre even paying a 5% stock dividend effective MONDAY.

Even before that, given all the assets on that balance sheet, GEAR looked shockingly cheap at under 2 cents a share.

Start with $13 million in assets they reported on their latest public disclosure that includes mining equipment, licenses, leases and stockpiled precious metal ore.

Thats not even counting the estimated worth of the gold-rich dirt on Western Sierras acreage back in November.

Add $200,000 in cash as of GEARs latest earningsspread across a rapidly shrinking pool of shares.

So gold prices have firmed up a bit over the last month, but theres still a lot of room before theyre back at their peaks.

Why is GEAR still under a nickel?

Management knows why. Theyre telling Bloomberg a rogue trader was shorting the hell out of the stock.

And coincidentally, regulatory filings show that short sales on GEAR have been HUGE recently.

But instead of just taking the abuse, GEAR fought back.

They cancelled 68 million shares, a full 30% of the float.

Suddenly, theres less stock out there for the rogue trader to buy back the next time he needs to cover that huge bet against GEAR.

Volume surged as the remaining shares met with oddly increased demandand as they say, volume led price action in this case!

The chart started sloping up again, sometimes taking big 100%-plus leaps.

Was somebody getting desperate?

You may not care about gold or the value of what GEAR has in the ground.

You may not find it criminal that this company is trading for under 1/3 of its self-proclaimed book value.

But if the bears got in over their headsand if the gold market is turningI think youll agree theres an opportunity here.

After all, everyone whos holding these shares on Monday gets an extra 5% for their trouble!

Get GEAR on your screen right away! Lets make this Friday one for the history books!

Daily Penny Stock Tips CCWF

Trade Alert Reason #1

Church Crawford, Inc. (CCWF) modestly describes its target market as in essence four billion people globally, or everyone on Earth who ever has to navigate an automated call center to talk to a human.

Their mobile phone app turns the listen to all the options menu into an actual series of screens that users can click throughand watch third-party advertisements while theyre on hold!

So CCWF turns whats normally a huge cost sink for its corporate clients dealing with customer calls into a revenue driver, and then gets a split of the cash! (Read more)

Gartner Research says theres $3 BILLION in advertising dollars chasing mobile customers, and that big spend is doubling every 12 months. (Read more)

And since just routing the calls faster saves the companies vast labor costs, CCWF clients get to cut their overhead 60% maybe an average of $50 million a year apiece! (Read more)

With a proposition like that on the table, is it any wonder big companies rushing to sign upor that traders have been fighting to get CCWF shares ahead of everyone else on the market?

Trade Alert Reason #2

In just the last month, CCWF got a big bank in India to roll out its ad-driven customer support system. (Read more)

Thats 2.5 MILLION customers generating maybe $250,000 a year in revenue for the bankand earning CCWF $1 for every one who downloads the app!

Right now, CCWF has a market cap of well under $10 million soaking wet, so you can see how this deal can really turn its crank even if only 5% to 10% of those Indian customers download. (Read more)

CCWF did the math and that converting just that sliver of the global call center market to its software will generate in the region of $1.8 BILLION a year! (Read more)

Throw in advertising and CCWF modestly thinks it can pull in another $5 BILLION a yearwhats the P/E on that?

And with Africa and other huge markets opening up for CCWF, those estimates may actually be too low! (Read more)

Chart Analysis:

CCWF is now back on the 20- and 50-day trendswhere its found plenty of support for the last 2 weeks!

RSI just nudged up above the center line, which should signal the whole market theat CCWF has momentum on its side.

MACD is likewise right on the edge of both crossing above zero and signal. Could CCWF be primed to break out?

Price action has consolidated enormously in the last few daysanother sign of that a potential breakout could be on the horizon.

APGS is now more than a Jersey face APGS stock – Penny Stock Wizard

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Online penny stocks trading can seem daunting when you are a beginner, but there are a few tips to becoming a successful trader. When someone wants to get into the stock market, they may be taken aback by the amount of money needed to be able to make the smallest amount of profits. Buying penny stocks can make you a great deal of money and you don’t even have to have a lot of money to trade with. It is a lucrative activity when done wisely and it is advantageous since you don’t have to risk so much money.

Penny stock trading online is with shares which small companies offer in an effort to raise capital for their growing business. Buying penny stocks online normally does not require a lot of money and one can start their investments with as low as $100 since a share can cost from as little as $1 up to $5 and at times they can cost even a few cents. Penny stock trading is not like the normal stock trading. They are not listed on a public stock exchange but are released in small amounts at a small price. These stocks are referred to as micro caps. This trade is done through private transactions through microcap brokers, directly from the company, and discount online stock brokers.

Many people get interested in trading penny stocks online due to the small capital required. However, when investing in penny stocks, one should invest only the amount which they can afford to lose. Try to avoid gambling, as mentioned in my other post titled: Buying Penny Stocks is Like Gambling. Do your homework, it is critical to your success. Research and research some more. Research as much as you can about penny stocks and about the company you want to buy stock in.

Since standard regulatory agencies do not normally list microcap stocks, one is not able to monitor the performance like in the standard stock market. You need to be very careful while making this kind of investment. Investing in a company that you are already familiar with is beneficial, as you will also be familiar with their product and therefore have an idea of how the business is performing. There is a big risk of fraud when you start trading penny stocks online, therefore you should never entrust your money to a company which you have not vetted. If you are a beginner you may want to leave the setting to an experienced broker, an inquiry from a regulatory agency, and seek out good penny stock newsletters.

Find Good Penny Stocks Newsletters

Finding a good penny stock newsletter can be very difficult though. There are a ton of newsletters out there and they all say they can make you rich overnight, right? How do you know which ones are scams and which ones are not? You have to be careful about the pump and dump newsletter lists. There are stock promoters out there that are paid by the companies to hype up their stocks to make people buy more of their stock. And then there are stock promoters with newsletters who don’t take any compensation from the companies at all. You can make money trading penny stocks, by following both types of newsletters.

There are a lot of free penny stocks picks newsletters and ones you have to pay for as well. Yes, you do get what you pay for sometimes, but that is not always the case. Some people really do give away useful information for free. You need to do some research about the people behind the newsletters. Do they have a lot of followers? Are their hot penny stocks picks successful? Follow them and study them, before you decide to buy the stocks they suggest. Why don’t you try following a few different penny stock newsletters and see who you like best? Try buying the penny stocks with some fake paper money first and see who lives up to the best penny stocks lists! Online penny stocks trading can be difficult, but with some help, practice, and research you can make a great amount of money fast!