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Penny Stocks on Global Platform

Penny Stocks on Global Platform

Penny stocks are available on global platform. The idea is almost similar: The stocks with prices below $5 in the United States and £1 in the UK. Price is always a debate for penny stocks and market capitalization should be considered as well to get the stock into the category of tiny stocks.

Investments are confusing for some people and require time and attention to be understood. The whole trading process can be quite stressful to understand and also, requires ample of time to be comprehended. There are people who get into trade and bear losses for the reason of not knowing about the company before making the investment. Penny stocks are risky and require reliable research to finally go with the purchases.

Some experts have floated their forums to help people in making the right investment choices. They make pinning to invest on the definite penny stocks and it gives you a guide to select the stocks for consideration. There are different sectors for penny stock investments and they require intense study to make the right purchase. There are many people who distrust penny stocks for the reason of its high volatility rate. No stocks can be marked as bad because every option requires perfect recommendation services to get in your personalized list for making appropriate investments.

You can take help from the preeminent penny stock recommendation services to get backed up by an experienced trader to get the best reviews. Free stock alerts might not be too profitable and it shouldn’t be one of those lucky breaks to avoid your trust in penny stock trading. The experienced traders get the success formula easily and repeat it to get consistent growth in business. Reliable business intelligence can be mandatory to get the best move and making investments on the right track.

Investing in the Stock Market outperforms any asset class. Every Filipinos has to learn a very simple formula of financial literacy that is Income – Investment = Expenses. Start a positive mindset about investing in the Stock Market. With 5000 pesos, you can be part of gigantic corporations in Europe. We will guide you step-by-step on how to register with online brokers. We will show you how and when to buy or sell Stocks yourself based on our recommended Stocks list. If you don’t have time to do it, we can do it for you and we only take a small profit once we sell your Stocks. We have FREE stocks update which can guide you when to BUY or SELL stocks. If you’re serious about trading stocks, we also have daily stocks updates on our paid subscription. Your subscription fee will be accumulated per Generation Level and will be invested in either Stocks or Forex. The net profit per Generation Level will be returned as dividends.

Investing in Stock Market is good for your retirement fund because it has a proven return of 8% per annum. In fact, 8% is a very conservative. In 2014, PSEi ends with 23% gain. Never put all your money in the bank because the maximum interest you can earn is only 1.5% per year with 20% withholding tax on the interest earned. Please register and start investing.

Don’t you get tired of buying those so many things around you? Why don’t you buy stocks instead! We are giving away FREE stocks quotes every 1st and 15th of the month as your guide in buying or selling stocks. These are based on our proven technical indicators, fundamental analysis and market sentiment which tells you the best stock to invest. We will send you stocks email alerts, train you how to read stocks indicators and how to detect buy and sell signals. We will have free financial literacy seminars with a one-on-one consultation to answer all your questions about the stock market investing. If you’re interested in buying US stocks, we can do it for you. We have international online brokers where we can buy stocks of your favorite brand like Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Mc Donalds etc. We will create an exclusive page to view your stocks portfolio in our website.

If you’re interested in Forex Trading, we can guide you where to find websites that offer free Forex courses. Once you have basic knowledge and understanding about Forex, we can guide you how to open an account with online Forex Brokers. Please note that Forex trading is a highly risky market. We highly recommend to open a Demo Account first and practice trading for 3 months before using Real Account. You can also join our managed Forex Account with a minimum capital of 500 USD. We have AutoTrading system for forex using MetaTrader 4 where our forex robot will trade your account automatically. All you need to do is watch your trading platform while our forex robot is doing all the trading.

It is an urgent call to all Filipinos to invest. In the US, 70% of Americans invested in the Stock Market while in the Eropeans only 0.7% of Filipinos put their money in the stocks. This is why we need to spread the news and grow exponentially as early as possible and the only way to do this is through networking with people. If you are good in networking with people, you can join our Affiliate Program where you can earn commissions for every referral. If you are not good in recruiting people, you can still earn commissions by just spreading the news. We have Generation Level program that monitors the time you subscribe or invest with us. Members are divided into Generation Levels based on the time they subscribe or invest. The 1st Generation Level earns commissions from the entire  2nd Generation Level’s profit up to the 5th Generation Level. Note that we only take a percentage of the profits. Your investments are still intact and you can withdraw it anytime with your profit. Please click our Affiliate page for more details.

How to calculate Future Value (FV) of a stock—Warren Buffet’s way

1. The first step is to take a look at historic earnings picture. Here we have a 5-year history of Jollibee, which starts in 2010 and ends in 2014. To determine Jollibee’s earnings growth rate from 2010 to 2014, we can use a rate of return calculator, which is the rate of growth for Jollibee’s per share earnings over a period of five years.

Year      Earnings per Share
2014                  5.03
2013                  4.44
2012                  3.57
2011                  3.14
2010                  3.09

2. Enter Jollibee’s 2010 per share earnings of 3.09 pesos as the Present Value then enter  2014 per share earnings of 5.03 pesos as the Future Value and enter 5 for the Number of Years then click Calculate and get 10.24% as an annual rate of growth for five years.

3. Now, with this information we can calculate how much Jollibee’s per share earnings will be after five years to 2019. To do that, we can use a Future Value calculator. Enter 5.03 pesos as the Present Value and 10.24% for the Interest Rate and 5 for the number of years then click calculate button and get a Future Value of 8.19 pesos a share.

4. As an investment analysts, we can take the projection that Jollibee is going to be earning 8.19 pesos a share in 2019 and multiply it by a projected price-to-earnings ratio to come up with a projected market price for Jollibee’s stock in 2019. So take a look at Jollibee’s historic average annual P/E ratios for the last five years and choose the lowest—which will give you a far more conservative valuation.

5. In looking at the historic P/E ratios of Jollibee below, we can see that they run all the way from a high of 42.78 to a low of 28.61 in 2012. But being a conservative analyst, we will use 28 for calculating Jollibee’s future per share earnings.

Year            P/E ratio
2014              42.78
2013              38.99
2012              28.61
2011              28.80
2010              28.78

6. If we take Jollibee’s projected 2019 per share earnings of 8.19 pesos and multiply it by 28, we get a projected market price of 229.32 pesos per share in 2019. Now 28 is a very conservative figure, if we take the average P/E ratio for five years which is 33.59 then multiply by 8.19 pesos, we get a projected market price of 275.12 pesos in 2019.

Step-by-step guide in investing in US Market and other Stock Market around the world

1. Open an account with international online brokers.
There are many international online stock brokers. We recommend that you open an account with ETRADE if you’re in the US or EU and MubasherTrade if you’re in the middle east. Please click the link below to open an account.



2. Fund your account.
Once your application is approved you can transfer funds from your local bank through telegraphic transfer to your ETRADE or MubasherTrade account. Login to your account and check your funds.

3. Subscribe and start investing.
Click the subscribe page and select the  Global Stocks to subscribe to our daily Recommended Stocks list. Buy or Sell only those Stocks that we recommend. This subscription will also allow you to view our Recommended Stocks list on Philippine Stock Market.

4. Why should I subscribe?
When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than educating yourself. We will provide you all the necessary research, study and analysis before making any investment decisions. If you subscribe with us, you will have access to our Recommended Stocks List which will guide you which Stocks to buy or sell if you already bought. You will be part of our Generation Level System where you earn commissions based on the net profit of each Generation Level. The subscription fee that you paid to us is accumulated and invested in either Stocks or Forex. The net profit of each Generation Level will be divided among its members. In simple terms, we will not put your subscription fee in our pocket, instead we accumulate and invest your funds and return the profit to you. There are many ways to obtain buy or sell alerts that you can choose to subscribe. Even your online broker has a Technical Guide that displays their own recommendation. However, they may not have the moral support and encouragement that we can offer to you. With our experience and dedication, we strongly believe that we are more focus on the market and precise on selecting the best Stocks to invest. We believe that investing without an education and research will ultimately lead to regrettable investment decisions. We based our decisions on real facts and analysis rather than risky speculative forecasts. It’s not how much money you make, but how much you keep and how hard it works for you. Make a bold move now, invest and subscribe with us.


Discover hot penny stocks

Discover hot penny stocks

Share trading is risky and penny stock trading is the riskiest. If the current hot penny stocks are making you tempted to buy them and you are drawn back with the stakes associated with it, you need to learn about them in detail. There are many ways to increase the ROI by simply picking the trade tricks and earning huge bucks to make your investments successful.

Penny stocks are inexpensive investments having short trading schedules. The present penny stocks are quite risky in the sense that associates use false ways to attract people towards scams and get ahead with Pump and Dump schemes to get the money and run away with it. Share trading is unpredictable, but penny stocks are risky and highly unpredictable. Your experience will be required to take the right venture. Penny stocks are inexpensive and mainly meant for short-term trading. They have a costing below $5 per stock and some of the esteemed companies have excellent business strategies helping out the perfect monetary growth.

There are best penny stocks available in the market and you’ll find the list of hundreds of advertisements floated online. However, among the lot of thousands of stocks, there are only a very few interesting stocks, which actually have impactful results in the online trading world. You need to know the company’s stats before making the investment. Well-informed strategies rarely go wrong and there will be lesser probability to have negative results with your researched investments.

You need to know that the hottest penny stocks are the ones having an association with the right companies and have a consistent growth. Your focus should be to drill deep down on the management level and business trends and get the appropriate judgment to invest in a company. Therefore, the smart way to hunt down the best penny stocks is by signing up with the best alerts and getting the data to make smart moves.

Penny stock trading for profits

Penny stock trading for profits

Buying and selling penny stocks online is one of the preeminent ways to generate income from home. Don’t just wait and start doing your online penny stock trading to fetch profits. It is much easier than you may think. When you are trading the penny stocks, the first thing to know is about these stocks, the value and market capitalization. It gives an idea about these stocks in detail and enables the users to make ample of money in short interval of time.

Some stocks promise to increase the rates towards 200-1000% within a short interval of time. If you technically analyze it, your mind will definitely say that it is not possible. However, you still might get tempted to purchase the stocks with the greed of getting high ROI within a short interval of time.

The real point behind this fact is to understand that penny stocks are powerful, but your thoughts and researches require being more commanding for the reason of getting appropriate results. Investments need to have a bound and you should fix your money for investment to avoid losses. Invest when the price of stock is low and sell when it gets higher. Don’t wait for it to give you unexpected returns as practically, it won’t be possible for any fair stock to triple or quadruple your money within a few days. It requires time for every genuine company to grow and get better responses.

There are technical factors coming into play with this regard. There are smart apps available online and you can get alerts about penny stocks through these sophisticated software applications. You can invest in these apps by paying a nominal amount and get expert views from time to time. This can potentially help you in making thousands of dollars with your consistent efforts and lower investments.

Online penny stock tips

Online Penny Stock Tips

Finding the right penny stocks online and buying them is an interesting deal for the investors. You can get profits in your pocket by using technology to get all the information at the lightning speed. You can get penny stock picks online and explore the world of these micro-cap stocks at the convenience of your home.

Penny stocks are also termed as tiny stocks and they are gaining popularity as people use them to do short-term trading or day trading and earn/lose bucks on daily basis. There are many online penny stock services available, which can give you hot picks about the most important stocks. It should be the first step to begin trading as it is indeed essential to check the stocks online and get full information about dealing with them.

All the penny stock investments involve risks and you need to check out the ways to minimize these risks and get the investment gems once you know how to do it.

Three ways to buy penny stocks online

  • Company Research: This involves picking up a company, making analysis and considering its products/services for full fledge information. The company which is about to launch a product and has begun in penny stocks has no information available online. It is pretty hard to take decision for investing in such tiny stock investment.
  • Software: There are different software choices available online and you can use them for technical analysis. Your own search is required to check out the stock history and processes.
  • Alerts: You need to be cautious about the offerings of alert services to dump the stocks already having the probability to get into the garbage. It can be analyzed by immediate fluctuation in prices, important news about the company and experience to spot the culprit stocks.

Open your ears for this original stock market idea

Gambling stock market idea


If you are a person who loves to gamble think buying casino and gaming industry stocks. As you know the “House” always wins. Some of the stocks are healthy investments as there is real estate and other merchandise involved. As a substitute of feeding your quarters into a machine think about investing in the company. MGM Mirage has a huge existence in the casino, hotel and entertainment industry in Las Vegas. It also has hotels and casinos in Michigan, Mississippi, and Macau S.A.R. Recently MGM Mirage signed a long-term strategic connection agreement with Dubai World. The company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker MGM. The stock sells in the price range of $83. Boyd Gaming Corp. may not be familiar to you, but the company has a large existence in Las Vegas. It owns and operates 11 properties in and around Las Vegas. It also acquired Coast Casinos in Louisiana and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Boyd Gaming Corp. The stock is sold on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker BYD. The price is in the $40 range per share. Boyd Gaming Corp. is expected to make steady gains over the next three years. WPT Enterprises, Inc is a company you may know what it produces but not essential that much about the company. WPT Enterprises, Inc produces the World Poker Tour and owns the rights to television broadcasting and products branded under the WPT Enterprises Inc name. It is a joint venture between some notables in the gaming industry and Lakes Entertainment Inc. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lakes Entertainment. WPT Enterprises, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the stock ticker WPTE. The stock sells in the $3.50 per share range, but who knows it may be a sure-fire bet in the long term. There is a great deal of public interest in the World Poker Tour. Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. is a well known name in the hotel, casino, and resorts industry. It has been in existence for over 60 years. It may be one of the major influences in Las Vegas business ventures. Recently it moved forward on its plan to build a world class sports arena on the Sunset Strip. Additionally, Harrah’s is concerned in the development of a master development plan for Las Vegas. The stock is sold on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HET. The stock sells in the range of $85 per share. One thing for sure, Harrah’s will be around for the long ride. All of these stocks provide an opportunity of investment for the gambler. The key is to watch the stocks and decide when you want to buy stocks. Timing is everything in this sector. In addition to casino and resort stocks there are some excellent technology stocks. This is the area of the gambling sector that supports the casinos in developing new technology for the gaming industry. The field of gaming technology is always on the move due to new innovations. Whether the casino is making big money or not, the need for new products is necessary to attract new customers.