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APRE Aperature Health, Inc.

On January 15 of this year, Aperture Health (formerly flexSCAN, Inc) announced that it had completed the acquisition of Triad Therapeutics, a homecare infusion therapy and nursing provider in New Jersey serving the tri-state area. As a result, Triad has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Aperture Health, Inc., and will remain as the operating company for the combined business.

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In case youre wondering, APRE is trading at 30 cents per share.

Triad provides specialized home healthcare services to patients requiring intravenous therapy including antibiotics, pain management, hydration, immunoglobulins, steroids, total nutritional solutions, and IV catheter insertions and maintenance. The Company provides a complete solution to patients including
IV Therapy, Supplies, and Equipment
Antibiotic Therapy
Total Parental Nutrition
Total Enteral Nutrition
Hydration Solutions
Pain Management
Human Growth Hormone

Triad is a fully JCAHO accredited home IV therapy company, achieving this gold standard status in 2007. The company has built a well respected reputation in its industry for its therapy expertise and commitment to care for its patient clients. The company services clients throughout the states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, providing opportunity for organic growth.

All patient clients accepted to Triads service have been preapproved for care by the clients health insurance provider. Triad maintains numerous managed care service provider contracts, many of which are part of closed networks, thus provide strong barriers to entry in the industry.

According to OTCMarkets.com, APRE has just 26,212,954 shares outstanding and a float 5,212,928 as of December 23, 2011. These numbers seem relatively low for stocks trading around 30 cents, so we wont be surprised if APRE experiences above average volatility this week.

Make sure youre watching APRE tomorrow ! Later on well give you an idea of how big of industry APRE is operating in.

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