APGS is now more than a Jersey face

Hello Trader!

Apps Genius Corp. (APGS) burst onto the radar a few months ago.

Something about their media-friendly social apps business struck our trading bone.

APGS makes the Snookie phone game you might have seen on Conan OBrien. (See the video.)

And the Internet is now crawling with over 17 MILLION references to this APGS product.

With marketing like that, its a good bet APGS can sell a lot of these games to rabid Jersey Shore fans.

Maybe those fans have tetanus. Hard to tell under all that fake tan!

But theyve got money to spend on toys, and APGS is the company thats selling to them.

What really got my juices flowing on APGS was the hidden potential in its chart.

The overall trend points down, sure. Thats because APGS keeps gobbling up competitors and paying in stocks.

Dilution is a factor for long-term investors. You and me, though, were in it for the one-day trade.

When APGS sets up right, its proved it can spike 40% to 50% in a matter of minutes.

February was the most recent string of those big swings.

Thats when APGS was soaring from $0.10 to $0.50 in a four-day run that made us dizzy.

Its true, APGS price action has calmed down a little since.

Some would see that as an opportunity a long base for APGS shares to make their next leap!

After all, this stock has shown us all that it can soar when it wants to.

And its picked up a loyal cult following in the process!

How else do you explain the 500% spike in weekly turnover APGS has printed in just the last month?

Volume has doubled in just the last week!

Meanwhile,APGS keeps growing its business into new areas like social games and microfinancing.

These are the hottest things online. For social gaming, think $6 BILLION behemoth Zynga.

For microfinancing, read up on Kickstarter and its $300 MILLION a year for other start-up projects.

APGS has been merging-n-acquiring with companies in both sectors.

If you loved this stock as the online presence of the Jersey Shore diva, its still got all the Snookie you can shake.

But if you were a Snookie hater, theres a lot more here now.

Either way, its hard for any other ticker to match that 400% rally we saw a few months back.

If APGS is back on the move like that again, can you live with yourself if you miss it?

APGS stock

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